quarta-feira, julho 01, 2009

Mais tricot

Mais algo para pedir á minha mãe …

Descoberto aqui> http://freshome.com/2008/12/04/knitted-slipcover-hot-or-not/


This Knitted Slipcover is something really unique and creative. When I first saw this picture I was really impressed by the beauty of this knitted slipcover, and by the time involved into this project. This picture is from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits with a Twist: Unique Project for Creative Knitters and is called the Aran armchair cover. Now I don’t know how practical this knitted slipcover could be, but it certainly is beautiful !  What do you think is it … Hot or Not ? – Via

Candeeiro tricotado

Tenho de pedir à minha mãe que me faça um :)

I’ve noticed that DIY websites are more and more popular over the internet, and it seems that more and more people seem to join this trend. Today here is a design by Philippe Tyberghien, the designer behind Cercle et Carre that might be a source of inspiration for all the DIY people that are reading Freshome. This lamp is made of a flexible plastic cone covered with the knitting and extended by the wiring of a length of 4.5 m also hand knitted. The lighting (energy saving) is live at the base of the cone and indirectly through the mesh. The unusual length of the cable allows the clashes and a wide variety of positions. Hanging on the wall, like a coiled snake, running along the ground, etc.

Descoberto aqui> http://freshome.com/2009/06/30/hand-knitted-lamp-by-philippe-tyberghien/