sábado, novembro 21, 2009

Uma ideia...

Beard Heads keep you fashionably warm

The cold weather is just setting in for a long cold winter, so you might as well get some gear that makes a statement.  Even if you can’t seem to grow your own beard and mustache, you can have a Beard Head to keep you warm.  Plus it’ll give you that fluffy beard you’ve always wanted.  The Pirate Beard Head is black, the Grandpa Beard Head is grey, the Lumberjack Beard Head is brown and finally the Viking Beard Head is yellow.  These are all one size fits most and the knit caps are machine washable.  You can purchase your own for $25 through LazyBone UK.

Outra ideia...

Golden Chain won’t make you look tough


Now you can keep yourself warm and look incredibly classy all the while.  Well, it’ll at least keep you slightly warmer than you already were.  There’s nothing quite as useful as a chain made out of yarn. This one is in gold, but it can also be done in gray, navy blue, burgundy and various other colors.  You can purchase the chain for $65 through Etsy.

segunda-feira, outubro 12, 2009

Light Carpet : An Unconventional Way to Cheer Up Your Room

If you’re one to sleep with your light open due to some crazy childhood prank, here is a pretty convenient alternative.  Light Carpet comes from Imu Design and was designed by Johanna Hyrkas.  We are dealing with one of those items for which the actual process of production is very simple. However what makes this product really cool is the idea behind it. I mean let’s face it- even though it seems like a given now, the idea of a carpet that shines like a light bulb doesn’t really crosses your mind every day. So there you have it: a creative idea turned into an attractive home “must-have”. Here is where you can contact the designers for more inquiries.



Playful Pouffes from A Serious Collections

‘Farmer in search of style’ is the name of an interesting collection recently exhibited courtesy of Designhuis Eindhoven. All the items presented have the purpose of pointing out how, in fact, “rural realities are influencing urban life” and how little by little the stressful urban existance will make room for the peace and quietness of the countrey-side. You can observe the rest of the designs in the exposition here. The pouffes in the images below come from Christien Meindertsma. They are colorful, playful and vivid, which is quite the oposite of the whole idea of being stressed out. You can sit on them, put them on top of each other, throw them chaoticaly around the room, they will still bring a fresh touch no matter where they are placed.



Giant Thread or Unconventional Furniture?

PHAT KNITS” is the name of this truly creative project initiated by Bauke Knottnerus, a designer from Holland. The colorful giant thread can be used in the most crazy and unexpected ways in order to create lovely pieces of furniture. Sofas, seating places, decorative items, you name it- the only limit is your imagination. Just imagine what would become of this idea in kids’ rooms! Some say this project combines art with furniture, the designer himself stated it is  “the closest you could get to having your very own ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids experience.” What do you say? Feel like knitting?- via Furniture Fashion



quarta-feira, julho 01, 2009

Mais tricot

Mais algo para pedir á minha mãe …

Descoberto aqui> http://freshome.com/2008/12/04/knitted-slipcover-hot-or-not/


This Knitted Slipcover is something really unique and creative. When I first saw this picture I was really impressed by the beauty of this knitted slipcover, and by the time involved into this project. This picture is from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits with a Twist: Unique Project for Creative Knitters and is called the Aran armchair cover. Now I don’t know how practical this knitted slipcover could be, but it certainly is beautiful !  What do you think is it … Hot or Not ? – Via

Candeeiro tricotado

Tenho de pedir à minha mãe que me faça um :)

I’ve noticed that DIY websites are more and more popular over the internet, and it seems that more and more people seem to join this trend. Today here is a design by Philippe Tyberghien, the designer behind Cercle et Carre that might be a source of inspiration for all the DIY people that are reading Freshome. This lamp is made of a flexible plastic cone covered with the knitting and extended by the wiring of a length of 4.5 m also hand knitted. The lighting (energy saving) is live at the base of the cone and indirectly through the mesh. The unusual length of the cable allows the clashes and a wide variety of positions. Hanging on the wall, like a coiled snake, running along the ground, etc.

Descoberto aqui> http://freshome.com/2009/06/30/hand-knitted-lamp-by-philippe-tyberghien/

quinta-feira, junho 25, 2009

Inauguração de exposição de fotografia: Paz Objectiva


Próximo Sábado, dia 27 de Junho pelas 18:00 vai ser inaugurada uma exposição colectiva de fotografia integrada na Marcha Mundial pela Paz e Não-Violência na galeria sem modos design (Rua de Francos, 510 - Porto).
A exposição estará patente nas próximas 4 semanas, sendo o horário de abertura da galeria das 18:20 às 20:00 todos os dias (incluindo fins de semana e feriados), excepto em situações em que existam outros eventos que permitam abertura mais alargada.